A simple technique for online street tree inventories – is it right for my community? - Shared screen with speaker view
Rusty Presley
looks and sounds good. live and stream.
Monika Otting
We will provide an ISA CEU code at the end of the webinar
beau brodbeck
CEU code will be provided at the end of the program. Please use the form below to submit your CEU to ISA.https://treefund.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/ceu-form-isa.pdf
beau brodbeck
IF you have any questions please type them here and I will bring them to Dr. Berland’s attention at the end of this presentation. Thanks.
beau brodbeck
HI Maria. Yes, this webinar is being recorded and will be available on the Tree Fund website in a day or two. ISA CEUs, however, are only available for live viewings.
Monika Otting
We will have a video of this webinar posted on the TREE Fund website within a week
beau brodbeck
Robert, good questions. I will ask Dr. Berland at the ends of the presentation. Thanks.